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Bruce Prichard Brought his Love for Professional Wrestling as Brother Love. He was born in El Paso, Texas in the early 1960s. Bruce Prichard developed a love for professional wrestling as a young boy growing up in the Houston area. He parlayed that love into a career that has now spanned nearly four decades. Here is how Bruce Prichard became one of WWE’s most loved personalities, Brother Love.

Early on an Entrepreneur

Prichard started to develop his love for professional wrestling when he was 10 years old. Paul Boesch gave him his first actual job in wrestling. Boesch was an icon in the Houston wrestling circles as a promoter and announcer. Prichard parlayed his work selling posters to becoming a ring announcer and part-time referee by the time he was 12.

His connections led Prichard to live opportunities as a ring announcer for Universal Wrestling Federation features. As the UWF morphed into the World Wrestling Federation during the 1980s, Prichard took advantage of a chance to do color commentary for WWF events televised from Houston.

The Beginning of Brother Love

Prichard began to spread his charismatic personality across the televised world of the WWF. During a period when he worked live programs alongside wrestling legends like Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, the idea for Brother Love became a reality. He used actual real-life events to build the foundation for the personality of his own character.

Love was white-suited, bigger-than-life animated preacher-type, who proclaimed the word of love as opposed to any religious doctrine. While Prichard’s portrayal was based on the controversy surrounding TV evangelicals of his time, Brother Love was staged purely for the entertainment of professional wrestling fans.

Animosity Against the Evangelical

Much of the controversy surrounding Prichard’s Brother Love portrayal had nothing to do with his character. While Brother Love was a totally fictional evangelical type preacher, the downfall of many real-life evangelicals cast a dark shadow over the characterization of Brother Love.

Brother Love’s time in the WWF pulpit spanned roughly three seasons. It was a segment shot in May 1991 that was reportedly the reason Prichard was released from his contract. Brother Love was beaten senseless by the Ultimate Warrior in an airing titled “I Can See!”

In truth, the contractual release was due to personal problems in Prichard’s life at the time. It had nothing to do with the animosity against his portrayal of an egotistical evangelical preacher.

The Years Without Love

During his three year highlight as the televised evangelical personality Brother Love, Prichard took over managerial duties for ironically, The Undertaker. A couple of months before being released from his contract by the WWF, he handed over management to Paul Bearer.

Brother Love was not heard from during this brief period away from the WWF. However, not long after his departure from the WWF, Prichard returned to wrestling under his own name. As Bruce Prichard, he worked in a limited managerial role and as a ringside interviewer in the Global Wrestling Federation out of Dallas, Texas.

The Return of Brother Love

While Prichard re-entered the WWE spotlight late in 1992, it would be three more years before his portrayal of the southern-accented preacher would reappear. Prichard made appearances as The Wizard and others as a character called Reo Rodgers. Rodgers was a satirical reference to the famous Dusty Rhodes.

In November 1995, during a live segment of Monday Night Raw, the beloved bombastic preacher returned to professional wrestling. No one that evening would appreciate the historical significance Brother Love’s reemergence would mean to the world wrestling stage.

Love introduced the world to the ringmaster who would become Stone Cold Steve Austin. Over the next decade, Brother Love would make periodic surprise appearances on the WWE scene. Some appearances, even involved Love taking an unexpected beating at center ring.

By the end of 2008, Prichard’s 22 year run with the WWE came to an end. Once Vince McMahon’s right-hand-man, Prichard was released from his WWE contract by McMahon’s daughter in December 2008.

Another Chapter for Prichard

During the years since his final days with the WWE, Prichard has remained embroiled in the world of professional wrestling. His knowledge and experience made him a perfect backstage influence and producer for the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling venture between 2010 and 2013.

He took time off between his last commitment in 2013 and a brief return to TNA Impact Wrestling in 2017. A year ago in January 2018, Prichard brought his Brother Love character back to life in a one-time feature appearance on WWE Raw 25 year anniversary.

Prichard has taken his talents into a new spectrum. After his time as the Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations for the wildly popular Impact Wrestling, Prichard as senior producer for Major League Wrestling in Florida.

Prichard currently partners with Conrad Thompson to produce his own podcast. Wrestling fans are drawn to Prichard’s magnetic personality. Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, is an audio podcast that gives wrestling fans an in depth analysis of wrestling topics and events from the eyes of a former WWE executive.

The show will frequently revisit some of the most memorable events in the world of professional wrestling. Like his newest enterprise in wrestling. Prichard has always fostered an endearing love for the sport. As he ventures into his fourth decade in professional wrestling, Bruce Prichard continues to portray his genuine love for the sport that has made him famous.

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